Remote Train Operation

Enable safer 和 more efficient rail operations.​

For over 50 years, the industry-leading remote control 和 communication platform.​

Wabtec’s LOCOTROL® Distributed 权力 system was launched over fifty years ago 和 during that time has become the leading control 和 communication system, enabling coordinated braking 和 traction power distribution between lead 和 remote locomotives on over 21,000 locomotives in 17 countries.

今天, in addition to being the platform for next-generation distributed power, the LOCOTROL system is also the foundation for train automation, including remote control locomotive 和 drone control. 结果? Increased hauling capacity, throughput 和 capacity. Improved fuel efficiency. Exp和ed crew productivity. Reduced manpower for switching operations. And increased system throughput.



下一个 Generation Distributed 权力

Activating the Future of Freight Rail Through Enhanced Communications

Learn how railroads can reduce communication losses 和 maximize the value of distributed power.


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